together as one

Together As One

Designed collaboratively by Thomas Sterner and Betsy & Bob Fisher, and created by Thomas Sterner

A tridimensional stainless steel school of over 130 fish, each rotating freely on its own axis, Together As One is shaped as a large 12-foot long fish colored with iridescent gradient finishes, swimming and bobbing upstream while creating undulating waves in the wind.

Together As One is displayed in 2022 for the first year.

For information about the artisan, please click on Thomas Sterner (Artisan pictured below)


Bob & Betsy Fisher

“We’ve enjoyed interacting with Tom during the creation of the design and we’re thrilled to participate in this unique exhibit”.
– Betsy & Bob Fisher

Betsy & Bob have sponsored and now own the artwork of Thomas Sterner entitled Together As One, which is displayed in 2022 for the first year.

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