Water Lily With Dragon Fly

Water Lily With Dragon Fly

By Thomas Sterner

Designed to express beauty and simplicity, Water Lily With Dragon Fly is a shiny light-reflecting stainless steel floral kinetic sculpture with wind-catching petals and integrated solar lights. Using a planishing hammer technique, the artisan created strong concave petals and also heated the stainless steel at selected areas to add yellow and blueish hues. The sculpture has two aligned and smooth-turning interior thrust bearings, spans 8 feet in width, and reaches 8 feet above water.

Water Lily With Dragon Fly is displayed in 2022 for the second consecutive year.

For information about the artisan, please click on Thomas Sterner (Artisan pictured below)


Carmen Hernandez & Manny Casiano

“We are very impressed with Tom’s artwork, and we are thrilled to encourage public art through the Carroll Creek Kinetic Art Promenade”.
– Carmen Hernandez & Manny Casiano

Carmen & Manny have sponsored and now own the artwork of Thomas Sterner entitled Water Lily With Dragon Fly, which is displayed in 2022 for the second consecutive year.

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