A Rotary Club of Carroll Creek Project


Artisans: Marguerite de Messières and Tsvetomir Naydenov
displayed since April 2021
Sponsors/Owners: The R. Carl Benna Family (Brenda Benna, Brad Benna, Burgess Pilch)

Orbital Dance

Artisan: Erin Aylor

Displayed since April 2021
Sponsors/Owners: Amy & Jim Clapp

Rotary Lotus

Artisans: Rotarians Doug Fauth & Bernard Gouin
Displayed since April 2021
Sponsor/Owner: Greg Light

Water Lily with Dragon Fly

Artisan: Thomas Sterner
Displayed since April 2021
Sponsors/Owners: Carmen Hernandez & Manny Casiano

Together As One

Artisan: Thomas Sterner
Displayed since April 2022
Sponsors/Owners: Betsy & Bob Fisher

Blooming Life

Artisan: Davide Prete
Displayed since April 2023
Sponsor/Owner: Dan Ryan

We Rise By Lifting Others

Artisan: Kirk Sesse
Displayed since April 2023
Sponsor/Owner: The Delaplaine Foundation

Tranquil Dance

Artisan: Thomas Sterner
Displayed Since April 2023
Sponsors/Owners: Karen and Wayne Six

2022 Kinetic Sculptures – Frederick, MD


Produced by Rotarian Steve Bamonti (Generation Media LLC) 2022.10.11

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Carroll Creek Kinetic Art Promenade is a not-for-profit privately-funded community enhancement project initiated and managed by the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek in Frederick, Maryland.

What is kinetic art?

Kinetic art is a sculpture that interacts with nature to create movement. Wind is the most common element of nature but water could be another. The interaction with nature enhances the beauty of the artwork.

Our project summarized in a few minutes…

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Bring people together through kinetic art!

Carroll Creek Kinetic Art Promenade is a not-for-profit privately-funded project adding vitality and beautification to Downtown Frederick, Maryland by offering residents and organizations the opportunity to sponsor regional artisans in the creation of kinetic art sculptures or to partner their resources towards the display of artwork in the middle of Carroll Creek.

During eight months in 2020, Carroll Creek Kinetic Art Promenade has displayed on a pilot basis three kinetic art sculptures in the mid segment of Carroll Creek.

Carroll Creek Kinetic Art Promenade now displays eight kinetic art sculptures year-round in the segment of Carroll Creek located east of East Street, Downtown Frederick. It believes that its kinetic art exhibit could pave the way for permanent displays throughout the City of Frederick and Frederick County as public awareness is established, and also stimulate the development of a regional mini cottage industry for kinetic art sculptures.

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“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.”
—Sherry Anderson