April 2023

Three new kinetic sculptures in our Carroll Creek exhibit!

As planned, earlier this week, we replaced three current kinetic sculptures with three new ones.
Shown from left to right: Blooming Life, Tranquil Dance, We Rise by Lifting Others
For information about the artwork, Artisans, and Sponsors/Owners, please refer to
New Kinetic Sculptures 

Two kinetic sculptures donated to Frederick Health Village (FHV)!

After three years in our Carroll Creek exhibit, the above kinetic sculptures were donated to FHV for people to enjoy for years to come. 

Shown from left to right: Three Little Birds, created by Erin Aylor and donated by Ann & Ric Adams,
An Elusive Kinetic Portrait, created by Tsetso Naydenov & Margot de Messières (in the picture) and
donated by the Ausherman Family Foundation.

Good Winds to all…!
Bernard Gouin
Chair, Carroll Creek Kinetic Art Promenade
On behalf of the Executive Committee
(Neil Fay, Stephanie Martinez Fisher, Bernard Gouin, 
Dixon Hicks, Mike Pilch, Debbie Powell, Jim Reinsch)