Carroll Creek Kinetic Art Promenade introduces four talented artisans whose three kinetic art sculptures are now displayed in Carroll Creek, Frederick MD until November 2020.


By Marguerite de Messières and Tsvetomir Naydenov  

A silvery kinetic art sculpture gently rotates above the water. A breeze creates soft clinking sounds and sets a thousand colorful aluminum tiles in motion. As the wind strengthens, the shimmering grid reveals the ghostly portrait of Theophilus Thompson, a 19th-century Frederick native considered the earliest documented African American chess expert in the United States.

For information about the artisans, please click on Marguerite de Messières and on Tsvetomir Naydenov (Artisans pictured below – Photo Bill Green – FNP)


By Thomas Sterner

An intricate 10 feet tall and 9 feet wide kinetic art sculpture features seven rotating sets of branches along its central trunk, and includes 87 animals representing all phylum classes. Each 6”-12” tall and wide silhouette was drawn by the artisan, laser cut from flat steel, shaped (concave/convex) to capture the wind movement, and then hand-painted on both sides.

For information about the artisan, please click on Thomas Sterner (Artisan pictured below – Photo Bill Green – FNP)

Three Little Birds

By Erin Aylor

An inspiring kinetic art sculpture involves a dynamic 9 feet tall and 8 feet wide tree made of mild and color-reflecting stainless steels, and merges nature and imagination. Above the tree is a 12 feet wide mobile pole with two suspended flying birds sculpted of copper and flamed finished. A third similarly designed bird quietly rests on the tree.

For information about the artisan, please click on Erin Aylor (Artisan pictured below – Photo Bill Green – FNP)

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