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Carroll Creek, Frederick MD



The kinetic art sculptures can be inspired by themes such as flowers, animals, birds, insects, characters, sport and artistic scenes, trees, stars, etc. They can measure up to a maximum of 10 feet in height and, for durability purposes, be made of metal, hard wood, or plastic. Bright colors are encouraged to enhance visibility from the pedestrian walkway, and the emphasis is on creativity and aesthetics, and not necessarily on size.

Carroll Creek Kinetic Art Promenade coordinates the selected themes to avoid duplication, thus ensuring original expression and diversity. Solar panel lighting is encouraged to provide around the clock enjoyment. Only minimal visual commercial branding or identity recognition is allowed.

Depending on its intricacies, size and chosen materials, the cost of a typical kinetic art sculpture could range up to $15,000, or more if desired.

To view video examples of kinetic art sculptures, check out our Inspiration Page.


The Pyramid is a freestanding, submerged, metal structure, with a 5-foot vertical central cylinder (6″ x 0.188″ OD) with a detachable upper 18-inch portion, and supported by four angled braces welded to a 5’x5’x1/2” bottom metal plate sitting on the floor of the creek, which bottom metal plate is framed by 18-inch high lateral plates to form the bottom caisson.

Below the bottom metal plate, five 3.5 foot angles are welded to the surface to reinforce the base of the Pyramid, and provide sufficient grounding to counter possible slippage.

Below its bottom caisson, the Pyramid has a leveling system consisting of height adjusting steel rod legs to be used in corners where needed. The Pyramid weighs approximately 1,360 pounds.

The kinetic art sculpture’s main post slides into the Pyramid’s central cylinder, and the final vertical adjustments are made from pressure applied to the sculpture’s main post by bolts located around the top of the Pyramid’s central cylinder, and above the water level.

Wind loads and uplift forces 

The Pyramid is designed to withstand winds of up to 90 miles per hour, and also factors a 1.4 safety margin, in accordance with the International Building Code.

The uplift tolerance of the Pyramid assumes a kinetic sculpture featuring a 30 square foot area exposed to the wind and standing up to 10 feet above water, and is derived from the combined weight of the Pyramid and of the water contained in half of the bottom caisson times the eccentricity of the Pyramid.

Installation Day – March 14, 2020

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