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Art in Motion:  Kinetic Sculptures on Display in Frederick, Maryland

March 16, 2020 – Art expands in Frederick with the installation of original kinetic sculptures created by three regional artisans. Presently on display in the middle of Carroll Creek and until next November are Tree of Life by Thomas Sterner, Three Little Birds by Erin Aylor and An Elusive Kinetic Portrait created by Margot de Messières and Tsetso Naydenov.

The kinetic sculptures will engage the community and are the first of many.  Each year the installation will grow and provide more opportunities for this art form to flourish and be appreciated by the community.

Sponsors of the kinetic sculptures include The Hendrickson Group at Morgan Stanley, Ann & Ric Adams, and the Ausherman Family Foundation, respectively.

“Art resonates with all of us, and moving art simply mesmerizes us! We hope this installation will foster the creation of kinetic sculptures in Frederick and become a great platform for the art community ” according to Bernard Gouin, Chair of Carroll Creek Kinetic Art Promenade.

Additional details, photos and videos can be found through the organization website at and on its Gallery page.

This Carroll Creek Kinetic Art Promenade project is conducted under the auspices of the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek, Frederick, Maryland, which is a service organization supporting both local and global projects to improve lives.

Contact:  Bernard Gouin,; 301 846 4900