We’re excited to announce that last Friday, and for the second consecutive year, we installed our kinetic exhibit in Carroll Creek, downtown Frederick, Maryland. 

Seven kinetic sculptures are now positioned in a new segment of Carroll Creek located east of East Street, and will be displayed for the next 12 months.

We are grateful to our Installation Partners for making it possible!

The City of Frederick for lowering the water level and preparing the site

Morgan Keller Construction for the crane and forklift, and for operating the forklift

Waynesboro Construction and Bowman Excavating for transporting our pyramidal anchors

Big Hook Crane & Rigging for operating the crane

Thanks to EDCO, one of our Founders Partners, you can view selected pictures of the installation at  https://photos.app.goo.gl/btyyLCWzyDP2o3nE7 

EDCO is also producing a video of the event, which we’ll share when available.

If you have the opportunity, we encourage you to visit our kinetic exhibit on a windy day and experience the impressive artwork. We’ve also installed on-site interpretive panels featuring descriptions of the kinetic sculptures and listing the artisans, sponsors, and partners.

For additional information about our project, please visit our website at https://carrollcreekkineticart.org 

Cheers and thanks for your continued support!

Bernard Gouin
Chairman, Carroll Creel Kinetic Art Promenade
On behalf of its Executive Committee
(Neil Fay, Stephanie Fisher, Bernard Gouin, Mike Pilch, Jim Reinsch)